first_imgCOLORING CONTEST, FIRST PLACE — American Legion F.A. Mackenzie Post 165 has awarded 1 st place in this year’s coloring contest to Parnika Agarwal, a 4th grade student at Horace Mann School. Parnika won a $100 Gift certificate. Parnika’s submission has now been submitted to the Hudson County competition. From left to right are Principal Dr. Catherine Quinn. Parnika’s father, Parnika, teacher Jennifer O’Flattery, School nurse and American Legion post 165 Adjutant Victoria Del Regno, who is also the Legion coordinator for the coloring contest. Our Post is extremely thankful for the participation of all of Bayonne’s School children. ×last_img

Ocean City Realtor Reaffirms Plans for New Office Building on Ninth Street Corridor

first_imgPaul Chiolo, owner of the Keller Williams realty firm, tells City Council of his plans for a new office complex for his company. By Donald WittkowskiThe developer of a proposed multimillion-dollar real estate office on the site of a blighted and abandoned former gasoline station promised to create “a beautiful building” that would be a new anchor for Ocean City’s main gateway.Paul Chiolo, owner of the Keller Williams realty company, reaffirmed his intention to build the project on the Ninth Street corridor, even though City Council approved an ordinance Thursday night that gives the city the option of condemning the same piece of property.Chiolo wants to transform an old Exxon station site, a notorious eyesore at the corner of Ninth Street and Bay Avenue, into a new headquarters for Keller Williams. The project has been discussed for months, but Chiolo provided more details Thursday.Appearing before Council, Chiolo handed out an architectural rendering of the building, giving the first public glimpse of what it would look like.He assured Council that he will build the office complex, despite the city’s competing proposal to possibly turn the site into landscaped open space that would spruce up the appearance of the Ninth Street entryway.An architectural rendering shows what the proposed Keller Williams office building at Ninth Street and Bay Avenue would look like.“Our intention is to build a beautiful building there,” he told Council.In an interview with reporters later, Chiolo said he is close to buying the property. He said the combined purchase price and construction cost would be more than $2 million.“I know our intentions are 100 percent to close very soon,” Chiolo said of his plan to finalize the deal.Chiolo has submitted an application to the city’s Planning Board, which is expected to review the project in October or November. Assuming the project is approved then, Chiolo intends to start construction in the fall and have the building ready for a grand opening next summer.However, if Chiolo’s project falls through for any reason, the city now has the option of condemning the old Exxon site through eminent domain and taking possession of the property.By a 6-0 vote, Council approved an ordinance Thursday that would allow the city to either buy or condemn the Exxon site, along with three other deteriorated properties on the Ninth Street corridor, the main artery in and out of town.Chiolo initially feared that the ordinance would kill his project, but he said he now realizes that it is simply a precautionary measure that gives the city additional legal safeguards if his project isn’t built.“It gives me a real sense of security … to move full steam ahead,” he said.The ordinance also targets the old Getty and BP gas station sites at the foot of the Ninth Street entrance, as well as an adjacent waterfront business known as Bud’s Outboard Marine Inc.Long frustrated by the negative impression the shuttered gas stations have made on visitors as they enter town, city officials want to transform the sites into landscaped open space to improve the Ninth Street corridor. The possible acquisition of Bud’s Outboard Marine would create an even bigger expanse of open space.The old Getty gas station at the corner of Ninth Street and Bay Avenue is one of the targets of an ordinance that gives the city the option of condemning blighted properties.Members of City Council stressed that they would only want to use condemnation as a last resort. They indicated they would prefer to negotiate a deal to buy the properties from the current owners.“We’re putting the ball in play, if we need to,” Councilman Antwan McClellan said of having condemnation as an option.A few Council members expressed hope that Chiolo would be successful in developing his project. They noted that the proposed real estate office would replace the decrepit former Exxon building that stands there now.“I would not be disappointed to come over the bridge and be greeted by that, either,” Councilman Michael DeVlieger said of the proposed office building.The condemnation process would provide additional legal safeguards to protect the city from liability claims if it acquires the sites and contamination is discovered later, Solicitor Dorothy McCrosson explained. The onus for cleaning up the contamination would fall on the previous owners, not the city, McCrosson said.Already, the city has agreed to buy the former BP site for $475,000. The old BP building and fuel pumps were demolished in June to create empty land.In the BP deal, the owner was required to remove the old underground gasoline storage tanks before the city took possession of the property. The owner was also required to test for contamination.Although Council has agreed to buy the BP site, that property is included in the ordinance to give the city an extra layer of security from potential liability lawsuits if contamination is found in the future, McCrosson said.The Exxon site, meanwhile, is already known to be contaminated with petroleum-related chemicals in the groundwater. The contamination, which is suspected to stem from the station’s former operation, has been monitored for the last 27 years.Synergy Environmental Inc., a consulting firm overseeing the Exxon site, told surrounding property owners in a letter last month that the contamination poses no public danger and should dissipate by itself.Chiolo said he recently received a 500-page report from Synergy that concluded the Exxon site would be safe enough for Keller Williams to build its office complex there.Despite Council’s vote on the ordinance Thursday, the city appears far from actually acquiring any of the sites. It still must appraise the properties, make offers to the owners and authorize the funding to buy them.In other business Thursday, Council was told of the city’s plans to build new pickleball courts at little-used tennis courts on 18th Street next to the Ocean City Intermediate School.The city has struggled for months to come up with a compromise site that would satisfy both the pickleball and tennis communities.Michael Allegretto, the city’s director of community services, recommended building the pickleball courts at the 18th Street location. The plans call for keeping three existing courts for tennis, but using three others as combined pickleball and tennis courts.Ocean City High School star baseball player Sean Mooney, center, receives congratulations from members of City Council for compiling more wins, 26, than any other pitcher in city history.In another sports-related matter, Council honored Ocean City High School baseball player Sean Mooney, the star pitcher on the South Jersey Group III championship team.Mooney, who will continue playing baseball at St. John’s University, finished as Ocean City’s all-time winning pitcher. During his career, he compiled 26 wins, struck out 302 batters and had a 1.13 earned run average.Also Thursday, Council approved a bond ordinance that is part of the funding plan for the construction of a new fire station on 29th Street.The ordinance includes redirecting $450,000 that was originally intended to pay for new parking lots to instead help finance the new fire station.At its Aug. 11 meeting, Council awarded a $2.1 million construction contract for the fire station. The current firehouse, built in the 1950s, has been badly damaged by coastal storms in recent years and will be demolished in the fall.In another vote Thursday, Council vacated a portion of 10th Street to help with the redevelopment of the former Dan’s Dock property into a new bayside marina called the 10th Street Wharf.Under the plan, a 17-foot-wide piece of 10th Street would be vacated to allow the marina developer to properly align the docks.last_img read more

A Soaker In Store For Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

first_imgPeriods of rain will dampen this year’s Annual Fall Block Party. The combination of Matthew to our south and a cold front to our west will bring plenty of moisture our way. However, the heaviest rain will hold off until later today.Computer Models shows heavy rain spreading into our area late tonight.Rain will be heavy at times later tonight which will cause some roadway flooding. Rainfall amounts will could exceed 2″.Rain will continue through Sunday morning then we will see some clearing by late in the day. It will be quiet cool and windy on Sunday as a result of Matthew well to our south and a strong High Pressure moving in from the west. Temperatures will remain in the low 60s with northerly winds 20-25mph.last_img

Missing Tree Parts?

first_imgAtoms, cars and ecosystems all have parts that together make up the whole. Trees havethe perfect number of parts to survive and thrive in the environment. Each part has aprimary job to perform. Everyone can see the biggest tree parts. Trees have twigs and branches that support theleaves and buds. The stem supports the branches. The roots support the stem. Beneath the dead bark layers are living cells that produce bark. Beneath these cells is alayer of transport cells called the phloem. This is sometimes called inner bark. The inner portion of a branch, stem or root is made of xylem. The xylem area is acombination of parts that act as transport pipes, strength fibers and living helper cells. The tree parts few people notice are small, internal components. When you cut across abranch with a saw, you cut many tissues or parts. The first part damaged is the bark. Bark helps the tree conserve precious moisture by slowing water’s escape into the air. Butit must also allow for oxygen to move inward and carbon dioxide to escape. Both phloem and xylem come from the same mother cells. These special mother cells arean area called the cambial zone, a major growth and reaction center in a tree. Bark is a good insulator, too. It protects the tree from sudden changes in temperature andfrom heating caused by sunlight. Phloem is responsible for moving food and other growth materials made in the leaves toall the other parts in a tree. It’s the major transport highway in a tree. Xylem pipes transport water, essential elements and growth materials from the roots to theleaves. The fiber cells provide strength, keeping the stem upright against gravity and wind.The living helper cells store food, react to damage and transport needed growth materialsfor short distances. Those are the parts people most easily damage, too. The bumps, bruises and nicks of dailylife, many of which we may consider minor, can add up to be life-threatening in a tree. Bark’s the first barrier to breach, too, when a pest attacks a tree. Without healthy bark,trees would be dry, suffocated and diseased. When you cut into the wood, the outer protection layer (bark), food transport connections(phloem) and growth layer (cambial zone) are all severed. Remember, the most exteriorparts of a tree are responsible for its life. Bark is an amazing material. The outside bark is made of dead, air-filled cells that havebeen flattened and sealed with a waterproof material. The phloem is made by special cells that split apart, producing two new cells — one to theoutside and one to the inside. The new cells split off to the outside become phloem. Theones split off to the inside become xylem, the wood inside a tree. This cambial zone responds to changes in the environment by producing more or fewercells of different types and with different characteristics. It’s responsible for a tree’s yearlyexpansion in girth. Think of bark as an oil-covered canvas coat. It’s lightweight. It floats in water — corks aremade from the bark of an oak tree. If you don’t know tree parts and how they work, it’s hard to understand a whole tree. Atree is a single, highly integrated and specialized creature. Trees must stand against an environment trying to knock them down and neighbors tryingto consume them. You can help them survive and thrive by appreciating their parts,knowing how they work and preventing tree damage.last_img read more

Entergy Reports Third Quarter Earnings Increase

first_img 2008 2007 Change 2008 2007 Change As-Reported Earnings 2.41 2.30 0.11 5.33 4.63 0.70 Less Special Items (0.09) – (0.09) (0.18) – (0.18) Operational Earnings 2.50 2.30 0.20 5.51 4.63 0.88*GAAP refers toUnited States generally accepted accounting principles.OperationalEarnings Highlights for Third Quarter 2008 Utility, Parent & Other earnings were moderately higher with lower income tax expense and operations and maintenance expense, largely offset by lower net revenue.Entergy Nuclear earnings increased as a result of higher power prices.Entergys Non-Nuclear Wholesale Assets business reported lower earnings as a result of higher income tax expense.During the quarter we experiencedboth the worldwide collapse of the financial market and some of the mostdevastating storm activity (Gustav and Ike) to ever hit the Gulf Coast area.Through sound integrated scenario planning and preparation, the company was ableto meet the operational and financial needs without sacrificing our commitmentsto our goals and objectives, said J. Wayne Leonard, Entergys chairman andchief executive officer. Through superior execution, our utility completedstorm repairs in record time again and more importantly with the safest record,proving it is unmatched at storm restoration in the country. Through diligentrisk management and financial planning, we preserved our long-standing solidliquidity position, without resorting to extreme financing measures.Other BusinessHighlightsEntergy was named for a third consecutive year to the exclusive Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the only U.S. utility to be selected.GovernanceMetrics, an independent evaluator of corporate governance activities, assigned Entergy an overall global rating of 10.0 for best-in-class corporate governance.Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C. and Entergy Louisiana, LLC received nearly $1 billion of storm financing proceeds.Entergy Nuclear received approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the renewal of the operating license for the James A. FitzPatrick plant, extending its license into 2034.Entergy will host a teleconference todiscuss this release at 10 a.m. CDT on Tuesday, Oct. 28, with access bytelephone, 719-457-2080, confirmation code 3834525. The call and presentationslides can also be accessed via Entergys Web site at is external). A replayof the teleconference will be available for seven days thereafter by dialing719-457-0820, confirmation code 3834525. The replay will also be available onEntergys Web site at is external).Utility, Parent &OtherIn third quarter 2008, Utility,Parent & Other had earnings of $286.0 million, or $1.47 per share, on anas-reported basis and earnings of $303.0 million, or $1.56 per share, on anoperational basis, compared to $305.7 million, or $1.52 per share, inas-reported and operational earnings in third quarter 2007. Operational resultsfor Utility, Parent & Other in third quarter 2008 reflect lower income taxexpense and lower operation and maintenance expense, largely offset by lower netrevenues. The lower income tax expense was due to the liquidation of asubsidiary which resulted in a tax loss on the companys investment. Loweroperations and maintenance expense was the result of lower payroll-related costsand the absence of a provision recorded in 2007 related to storm-related baddebts at Entergy New Orleans, Inc. and Entergy Louisiana, LLC. Operations andmaintenance expense diverted to storm restoration was offset by storm expenserecorded at Entergy Arkansas, Inc. The decrease in net revenues reflects theeffect of milder-than-normal weather which reduced both billed sales andunbilled sales during the period and reduced customer usage associated withhurricanes Gustav and Ike during the quarter.Megawatt-hour sales in theresidential sector in third quarter 2008, on a weather-adjusted basis, showed a1.5 percent decrease compared to third quarter 2007. Commercial and governmentalsales, after adjusting for weather, were relatively flat year over year.Industrial sales in the current quarter were essentially the same as one yearago.The residential sales sector showed adecrease quarter to quarter as two major hurricanes affected Entergys serviceterritory within two weeks of one another. An increase in the number ofcustomers served to partially offset the decrease in sales growth in theresidential sector, as well as the commercial and governmental sectors. Sales inthe industrial sector for third quarter 2008 were essentially unchanged comparedto the same quarter of 2007. The effect of storm activity during the quarter, anoverall sluggish economy nationally, and continued weakness in the refiningsegments fundamentals weighed on the industrial sector where only chemicals andprimary metals faired reasonably well due to continued export activities.Entergy NuclearEntergy Nuclear earned $205.3million, or $1.05 per share, on as-reported and operational bases in thirdquarter 2008, compared to $160.9 million, or 80 cents per share, for as-reportedand operational earnings in third quarter 2007. Entergy Nuclears earningsincreased primarily as a result of higher power prices.Non-NuclearWholesale AssetsEntergys Non-Nuclear WholesaleAssets business had a loss of $21.0 million, or 11 cents per share, on bothas-reported and operational bases in third quarter 2008 compared to a loss of$5.5 million, or 2 cents per share, on as-reported and operational bases inthird quarter 2007. The increased loss reflects higher income tax expense in thecurrent period resulting from a redemption of an investment at the non-nuclearwholesale business.OutlookEntergy is reaffirming 2008 earningsguidance in the range of $6.50 to $6.90 per share on both as-reported andoperational bases on a business-as-usual basis. Guidance for 2008 does notinclude a special item for expenses, a portion of which were incurred during thecurrent quarter, anticipated in connection with the plan to pursue separation ofEntergys non-utility nuclear business and to enter into a nuclear servicesjoint venture, both discussed below.Business SeparationOn November 3, 2007, Entergys Boardof Directors approved a plan to pursue a separation of the non-utility nuclearbusiness from Entergys regulated utility business through a tax-free spin-offof the non-utility nuclear business. Enexus Energy Corporation, formerlyreferred to as SpinCo, will be a new, independent publicly traded company. Inaddition, Entergy and Enexus intend to enter into a nuclear services jointventure, with equal ownership. EquaGen L.L.C. has been selected as the name forthe joint venture.Progress achieved since the lastquarter update includes:Key board and leadership positions at Enexus and EquaGen continued to be filled.A private letter ruling finding that the spin-off qualifies for tax-free treatment for federal income tax purposes for both Entergy and its shareholders was received from the Internal Revenue Service on Sept. 10.Regulatory proceedings continued to advanceIn Vermont, all scheduled procedural matters have been completed and a decision from the Vermont Public Service Board is pending.In New York, all scheduled procedural matters have been completed and the administrative law judges issued notification to all parties that from their review of the submissions, all issues of fact and policy material to the relief requested by petitioners have been thoroughly addressed by the parties, an adequate record for decision is available to the Commission, and no further formal proceedings are warranted.A second amendment to the Form 10 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was filed on Sept. 12.Syndication efforts were launched at the end of August for a $1 billion Enexus senior secured revolving credit facility, and Enexus obtained over $1 billion of commitment letters.Documentation for the offering of pre-spin exchangeable notes by Entergy is substantially complete and Enexus is positioned to launch an offering of its notes at the first opportunity.The state regulatory decisions andfinancing are now the critical path. Entergy continues to target receivingregulatory decisions in the fourth quarter. However, due to unprecedentedturmoil in the financial markets, it is uncertain whether or not financingfundamental to the spin-off transaction can be effected in the near-term.Entergy and Enexus stand ready to launch the financing when market conditionsare favorable for such an issuance.Entergy Corporation is an integratedenergy company engaged primarily in electric power production and retaildistribution operations. Entergy owns and operates power plants withapproximately 30,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity, and it is thesecond-largest nuclear generator in the United States. Entergy deliverselectricity to 2.7 million utility customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippiand Texas. Entergy has annual revenues of more than $11 billion andapproximately 14,300 employees.Additional information regardingEntergys quarterly results of operations, regulatory proceedings, and otheroperations is available in Entergys investor news release dated Oct. 28, 2008,a copy of which has been filed today with the Securities Exchange Commission onForm 8-K and is available on Entergys investor relations Web site is external).-30-Inthis press release, and from time to time, Entergy Corporation makes certain”forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private SecuritiesLitigation Reform Act of 1995. Except to the extent required by the federalsecurities laws, Entergy undertakes no obligation to publicly update or reviseany forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, futureevents, or otherwise.Forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Thereare factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from thoseexpressed or implied in the forward-looking statements, including (a) thosefactors discussed in (i) Entergys Form 10-K for the year ended December 31,2007, (ii) Entergys Form 10-Q for the quarterly periods ended March 31 and June30, 2008 and (iii) Entergys other reports and filings made under the SecuritiesExchange Act of 1934, (b)the uncertainties associated with efforts to remediatethe effects of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike and recovery of costs associated withrestoration, and (c) the following transactional factors (in addition to othersdescribed elsewhere in this press release and in subsequent securitiesfilings):(i) risks inherent in the contemplated spin-off, joint venture andrelated transactions (including the level of debt to be incurred by EnexusEnergy Corporation and the terms and costs related thereto), (ii) legislativeand regulatory actions, and (iii) conditions of the capital markets during theperiods covered by the forward-looking statements. Entergy cannot provide anyassurances that the spin-off or any of the proposed transactions related theretowill be completed, nor can it give assurances as to the terms on which suchtransactions will be consummated. The transaction is subject to certainconditions precedent, including regulatory approvals and the final approval bythe Board of Directors of Entergy.View Complete Earnings Release [PDF] Third Quarter Year-to-Date Privacy Policy | LegalInformation©1998-2008 Entergy Corporation, All Rights Reserved. TheEntergy name and logo are registered service marksof Entergy Corporationand may not be used without theexpress, written consent of EntergyCorporation.center_img Entergy Reports Third Quarter EarningsNew Orleans, La. (October 28, 2008) – EntergyCorporation (NYSE:ETR) today reported third quarter 2008 as-reported earnings of$470.3 million, or $2.41 per share, and operational earnings of $487.3 million,or $2.50 per share, compared with as-reported and operational earnings of $461.2million, or $2.30 per share, for third quarter 2007. Consolidated Earnings Reconciliation of GAAP to Non-GAAP Measures Third Quarter and Year-to-Date 2008 vs. 2007 (Per share in U.S. $)last_img read more

World-Renowned Climber Survives Fall on El Capitan with the help of Alex Honnold

first_imgThe section is a 3,200-foot, almost-sheer granite wall, the same one Alex Honnold free solo climbed in “Free Solo” in 2017. Honnold was there when she fell and helped stabilize her to prepare for evacuation. Harrington, a five-time US sport climbing champion, posted pictures to her Instagram from her hospital bed Monday, showing the injuries on her face and the intense rope burn on her neck. Her boyfriend, Adrian Ballinger, posted to Instagram saying that Harrington is, “going to be okay,” after she, “crumpled on a ledge after a big fall in below-freezing temperatures with real injuries and a lot of reasons to suspect spinal injury.” Based on where and how she fell, the biggest concern was serious spinal injuries “I had an accident yesterday on El Cap. I’m banged up but gonna be ok thankfully,” she wrote.center_img Ballinger recognized and thanked all the people involved in helping save Harrington while praising her for her, “warrior mentality,” and how, “she dealt with the pain, helped where she could, and stayed positive throughout.” World-renowned climber Emily Harrington, 33, suffered serious injuries after a terrifying fall on Yosemite’s El Capitan on Sunday. She has become one of the most famous figures in the sport, getting sponsored by outdoor companies like The North Face in support of her numerous achievements, including climbing Mount Everest.last_img read more

Loan Zone: Non-traditional competitors

first_img 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr 5 factors from the alternative lending space for CUs to considerby: Brad KimeAccording to a Feb. 25, 2014, report in American Banker, Lending Club had $3.5 million in originations in 2007, its first year of originations. That amount has climbed to $3.4 billion in total loans, with $2 billion originated in 2013. And Lending Club did $1 billion in originations in credit card consolidations during the second quarter of 2014.Lending Club is an example of an alternative lender—an organization offering one or more loan options to consumers and business owners, outside of a traditional financial institution loan. These alternative options have been most commonly used when an individual or business owner cannot obtain a traditional loan for any number of reasons.Notably, alternative lenders are also going after the small loans that banks may find unprofitable or of little interest—credit card debt consolidations, for instance—loans that are traditionally made by credit unions.Models used by alternative lenders are becoming more significant in the financial services industry, and the companies that espouse them are gaining a greater share of the $11 trillion consumer loan market. So it is imperative that credit union executives understand and adapt to this competitive threat. Consider the following five factors. continue reading »last_img read more

Dye, pie, and capes—oh my!

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Stunts by First Community CU’s marketing team spark charity drive Adam MertzSometimes, credit union marketing departments and executives need to take one for the team—even if that means dyeing your hair, standing on a corner in superhero gear, or taking a pie to the face.With donations lagging for a quarterly charity drive benefiting area domestic violence and sexual assault crisis centers, marketing manager Janna Bergstedt and marketing specialist Katie Dressler brainstormed about how to spur participation by staff and members at First Community Credit Union in Jamestown, N.D.Their solution? A tiered incentive system they promoted in branches and through social media.When First Community amassed 500 items most needed by these centers—such as paper products, personal hygiene items, hair dryers, and diapers—Bergstedt and Dressler dyed their hair blue.At 750 items, the credit union’s senior management donned capes—a signature item of their checking vendor, Kasasa—and waved to motorists on a busy street.At 1,000 items, managers volunteered to take a pie in the face at an all-staff training session.The plan generated a 200% jump in donations—amassing 1,200 in all—and First Community generated $2,000, including an extra $100 by soliciting $1 donations from staff through a drawing to toss the pies. continue reading »last_img read more

3 retirement mistakes you should watch out for

first_imgWhat do you think about when you hear the word ‘retirement’? Is it something you daydream about? Does the word make you anxious? No matter your reaction, there’s no denying that it’s important. If you’re working hard to save your way to retirement, here are three mistakes you should watch out for . . .Not taking advantage of your employer match: If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that offers some kind of 401(k) match, you should take full advantage. If your company is willing to match your contributions dollar for dollar (up to a certain point), make sure you’re maxing it out. That’s free money. A small sacrifice now will definitely pay off in the future.Borrowing from your 401k: Being able to borrow from your 401k is a great feature if you’re dealing with a major emergency, but for any reason short of that, you probably want to avoid doing it. Not only would you miss out on the compound growth of that money, but you would more than likely cut back on your contributions (and your company match) during that time, and that could really set you back.Retiring too early: Average life spans are longer than ever. Deciding when to retire is a huge deal. Waiting longer to receive retirement benefits can prevent you from missing out on a lot of cash, and can help make sure you don’t outlive your money. Why retire earlier if you’re not going to be able to enjoy that time? 70SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: Detailslast_img read more

i3 Energy pushes on towards Liberator development approval

first_imgi3 Energy, an independent oil and gas company, continues to progress the necessary documentation with the UK’s Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) to achieve Field Development Plan (FDP) approval in early 2019 for the Liberator development off the UK. Located in the North Sea, the Liberator development is 100% owned and operated by i3 Energy.i3 said on Thursday it expects to enter the final authorization phase of the OGA’s FDP planning and consent process in 1Q 2019 and continues to position itself for mid-2019 development execution with Liberator Phase I first oil anticipated in mid-2020.John Woods, i3’s COO, commented: “We are pleased by the progress being made towards Liberator Phase I field development approval and are appreciative of the ongoing support and guidance of the OGA.”It is worth reminding that i3 Energy in October rescheduled the Liberator site survey for the earliest good weather window in 2019 as the vessel was not made available before October 15 as agreed. The rescheduling was done since the company was unwilling to face the potential for unnecessary cost overruns due to weather-related downtime.Marine survey company Gardline Limited was hired in late August to conduct this site survey.i3 Energy previously emphasized that this rescheduling would not affect the timing of the FDP approval, the Liberator development, or the expected first oil date.In related news, i3 said earlier in December that its recently acquired Serenity prospect could boost its North Sea reserves to about 500 million barrels. The prospect is located in the northern part of its Licence P.2358 Block 13/23c in the North Sea.“Serenity provides i3 with exposure to low cost and potentially high return upside that could be tied into either its Liberator Phase I or incremental Phase II infrastructure,” i3 said.Offshore Energy Today Stafflast_img read more