VIDEO: “Downtime is not an option”

first_imgFor a company like Fox Sports, system downtime doesn’t just disrupt business operations: it can potentially lead to major loss of customers, revenues, and even contracts with partners. Fox Sports is one of Asia’s leading sports broadcasters, and in 2012 the Australian company saw an opportunity to move to a private cloud while building its new production studio.The transition to the cloud, however, had an extremely small window of time: less than six months if it was to support the new studio. And both the migration and new solution would have to ensure world-class levels of uptime in order for Fox Sports’ live sports broadcasts to meet consumer expectations.Fox Sports IT team realised it was in no position to build its own cloud solution from scratch, both from a time and skills perspective. Instead, the team designed the cloud around a VCE Vblock system – one of the first to be deployed in the Asia-Pacific region. The Vblock orchestrates all of the private cloud’s operations, including20km of fibre optic connectionsMore than 15 petabytes of storageInternal data traffic of up to 50 terabytes a dayVideo production, streaming, and broadcasting incur huge demands on bandwidth, yet Fox Sports’ private cloud saw support calls drop by 75 percent in its first year of operation, thanks to the negligible downtime that the Vblock delivers. Perhaps most crucially, VCE manages and supports all technical aspects of the Vblock’s operation, including minimising both unforeseen and planned outages. That leaves Fox Sports’ 40-person IT team to focus on higher priorities like ramping up HD channels, online streaming, and other technology platforms for even greater regional growth.Watch how Fox Sports embraced converged infrastructure here: more about Fox Sports’ use of Vblocks on ITWire and CIO Australia.last_img read more

The Power of Partnership – EMC and Cisco

first_imgThis week at Cisco Partner Summit, Cisco is again demonstrating why they stand alone in their ability to partner well with an incredible variety of technology and go to market partners. Congratulations to my good friends at Cisco on another exciting partner event and on their new product announcements.  Cisco has grown and nurtured an amazing partner eco-system that is helping customers with their IT transformation journeys.The unique relationship between VCE, the Converged Platform Division of EMC, and Cisco created and has led the rapidly growing converged infrastructure segment. Through the unparalleled success of Vblock Systems, VCE’s annualized demand run-rate is more than $3 billion. The large percentage of our business associated with repeat purchases is positive proof that customers are realizing the key benefits of VCE converged infrastructure – increased business agility and simplified data centers. But in a fast evolving technology industry, solution providers need to constantly innovate and adapt. One of the fun things I get to do is engage in regular strategic and long-term roadmap and strategy discussions about the VCE converged infrastructure portfolio and the technologies that comprise our offerings with senior leadership at EMC and Cisco. The creation of the VCE Vscale Architecture and our hyper-converged RackScale VxRack Systems are examples of collaboration between the Cisco and VCE teams in meeting the needs of some of our largest and most important joint customers.Our success today and in the future is bright:Read Frank Palumbo’s Blog Cisco and VCE Continue to Lead the IndustryMichael Dell has affirmed that after EMC joins with Dell, VCE and Cisco will continue their close working relationship on the world’s leading converged system, VblockLearn about the positive impact that Vblock Systems have made at Kimpton HotelsAs a long time VCEer, having been here from the early days, I am every bit as excited about our future as I was the day I started. What has made the job more exciting is that over the past year, VCE has become more integrated with EMC. As CTO, this has enabled me and my team to develop new converged offerings that weren’t possible before.We can meet and address more customer use cases than ever before. What remains true is Vblock will remain exclusively based on Cisco UCS servers, Nexus networking and ACI technology. Additionally we feature Cisco Nexus switches in VxRack Systems and the VCE Vscale Architecture.  Our mutual customers depend on our technologies to work well together as we jointly have delivered products which operate in some of the most critical data center environments in the world.  The customer expectation, and our commitment to customers is that we, as industry leaders, will work closely together.As a former Cisco employee, I understand their culture and strategy around partnering.  Cisco places a huge premium on partnerships to deliver customer choice. This strategy positively impacts the level of commitment to VCE’s success that is evident in every level of the organization from CEO Chuck Robbins to everyone in the Cisco field sales organization and is why we have been so successful.The future is bright and I am excited for the customers that we together will serve!last_img read more

Clipper Race Update: Northwest Passage

first_imgThis is the tenth in a series of blogs by Dell ambassadors competing in the Clipper Race, a 40,000 nautical mile race around the world in 70-foot racing yachts. If you haven’t read the previous blog entries from Samantha Harper and Marek Omilian detailing their adventures thus far, you may want to start from the beginning. Those entries are all in the “Sport & Recreation” section of Direct2Dell. For background on Dell’s involvement in this incredible event, read our initial blog here.Greetings from the foggy North Atlantic!After 10 months of ocean racing, I find myself thinking of home for multiple reasons. This leg marks the closest to home (Labrador, Canada) we will get. In fact, Liverpool 2018 diverted to my old stomping grounds of St. John’s, Newfoundland (I knew they’d have a great time!), and we now have less than a month before race finish and the return to real life (for most of us).The rain, drizzle and fog we’ve been enduring this past week are typical of these parts and although the fleet is relatively close together, the ocean can still feel cold and empty. Sanya Serenity Coast and have been intermittently keeping us company but looking at TimeZero (our navigation software) often yields no other signs of life. Occasional wildlife sightings remind us that yes, living things can endure the conditions out here which should remind us that we can too!As we sit on deck, bundled up to face hours in the cold and wet, we dream of getting back to our cosy bunks while the other watch is in dreamland. Our beautiful Dare To Lead is an ark; it gives us shelter, warmth and security as we sail into the great white abyss of fog day after day. I am reminded of a well-known Canadian folk song by the legendary Stan Rogers, called “Northwest Passage.” It speaks of journeys into the unknown, and the chorus is:Ah if for just. one. time. I would take the Northwest PassageTo find the hand of Franklin reaching for the Beaufort SeaTracing one. warm. line.Through a land so wide and savage And make a Northwest Passage to the sea.Looking at our track on the monitors in the nav station, I feel we really are tracing that one warm line across this cold North Atlantic. An ark in a wide and savage sea, sheltering the 19 souls who sail it. And maybe these waters have been sailed many times before, but it’s still a journey of exploration for all of us. And so, as we pass the halfway mark of this leg towards Derry-Londonderry, I’ll share one more verse:How then am I so different from the first men through this way?Like them I left a settled life, I threw it all awayTo seek a Northwest Passage at the call of many menTo find there but the road back home again.To all my friends and family back home – see you again soon. And to all our supporters coming to visit in Derry-Londonderry – see you sooner!About Samantha Harper, crew member, Dare To LeadSamantha is a 37-year-old doctor from Happy Valley-Goose Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The Dell Latitude Rugged laptop was made for people like Samantha; when she is not sailing 40,000 nautical miles around the world on board Dare To Lead, Samantha splits her time between working in remote communities as a GP, and pushing herself to the limits mountaineering and running ultra-marathons (she has done the infamous Marathon des Sables, a 250 kilometre race in the Sahara Desert, five times). However, the Clipper Race is Samantha’s first sailing experience, and after initially considering only doing three legs, she signed up for the whole circumnavigation, knowing that once she started, she wouldn’t be able to stop until she completed and experienced the entire thing.last_img read more

Indonesia to deport Russian social media star who held party

first_imgDENPASAR, Indonesia (AP) — A Russian social media celebrity is being deported from Indonesia on after he held a party at a luxury hotel on the resort island of Bali attended by more than 50 people despite coronavirus restrictions. Officials said the party held on Jan. 11 violated health protocols put in place to fight the spread of the virus. Sergei Kosenko, who has more than 4.9 million followers on his Instagram account, arrived in Indonesia in October on a tourist visa. Immigration officials in Bali decided to examine Kosenko’s activities after he posted to social media a video of him driving a motorcycle off a pier into the sea in December.last_img