first_img Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article This seems more of presentation for the recruitment industry of 5 years ago when people were worried about how the impact of social media would affect the use and function of recruiters.As with any new tool designed to help the recruitment industry it’s worth understanding that there are literally thousands of recruiting firms and tens of thousands of recruiters.The sheer volume of recruitment agencies means new tools quickly become cluttered very quickly. And once it’s cluttered, for candidates, it just becomes noise and they don’t pay attention. Ask any passive candidate to name 10 recruitment agencies – i think most would struggle beyond naming three at most.Candidates are motivated by exciting opportunities. If what are presenting is motivating for them, you will engage them. Just presenting the same old company that works with 50 agencies to a candidate who has heard the same explanation of the client for umpteenth time isn’t going to get their interest.So no, the future isn’t about the chase for candidates, it’s about clients. When there are 1 billion Facebook users I don’t privacy is as a big an issue as you think. Yes, some people may be worried about their boss seeing what they did on Saturday night but I don’t think this will result is a mass exodus of social media by candidates.Read full article Comment on If your boss does not know THIS… change your job! by Callum McGovernShared from missc on 1 Dec 2015 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img

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