first_imgWhile it’s one thing to have influences in the music industry, it is quite another to wear them as proudly as White Light Motorcade do. The four wiry, leather-clad New Yorkers aim for a glorious clash of sound between vintage punk (MC5, The Stooges) and the melodic fireworks of 90s Britpop. It sounds like a bad idea and, as you’d expect, it doesn’t work. The album results in something reminiscent of Jet’s Get Born. Several of the songs have good hooks and winning melodies, but they are delivered in a way devoid of any spark of originality. This is a problem not just for White Light Motorcade, but also for the current wave of ‘rock and roll’ acts. Music is rarely totally original, but if you want to see a tribute act go to your local pub. White Light Motorcade could learn something from such advice. Coupled with this, the album’s tracks have been glossed, buffed and produced to with an inch of it’s life. ‘Open Your Eyes’ uses trademark Noel Gallagher chord changes to no effect whatsoever and ‘Useless’, the band’s attempt at a lighters-in-theair anthem, is let down by frontman Harley Dinardo’s weak vocals. Things look up briefly during the catchy thrash of ‘It’s Happening’, but Ash would probably still reject it as sub-standard. NME called White Light Motorcade “the saviours of rock.” I can’t agree. The kindest thing to be said for Thank You, Goodnight is that it makes all the right noises, nonetheless it feels completely hollow.ARCHIVE: 2nd week TT 2004last_img

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