first_imgIn a world where large format and desktop models dominate the field of ink jet printers, Pad Print Machinery of VT, Inc. has answered the call of industrial manufacturers with the Rapid Fire 1001 ink jet system.East Dorset, VT, December 18, 2008 –(– Built with manufacturing in mind, the Rapid Fire 1001 is fully customizable for in-line applications, allowing industrial product marking at a speed and accuracy previously unavailable.”Our expanded Ink Jet division of programmers, technicians and engineers have created a new digital ink jet line that brings the speed of digital to the needs of manufacturers,” said PPMoV President Julian Joffe. “At the same time, industrial end users can expect the same top quality customer service and individualized attention that Pad Print Machinery of Vermont has built its reputation on.”The new high-volume digital manufacturing environment ink jet features customizable in-line automation capabilities with a high-resolution, single-pass variable dot size grey scale print head.The new line is an expansion on the standard flatbed, allowing 400mm, 600mm and 1000mm platforms. Additionally, a full line of customized automation systems can be fully integrated, from conveyorized linear shuttles, rotary tables, pre- and post-treatments and other material handling add-ons – including robotics – to end-user packaging.”The new digital platforms include user friendly features for dynamic data input, like bar coding, sequential numbering and on-the-fly individualized product marking and decoration that digital has become known for,” Joffe said. “It’s a high-speed industrial ink jet printing solution for people who want more than dot-matrix.”Pad Print Machinery of Vermont, which has been building inkjet platforms for several years, has partnered with Xaar to integrate its 1001 printhead into PPMoV’s ‘Engineered Printing Solutions’ industrial custom machinery line.According to Joffe, “The 1001 printhead allows us to merge high-level automation and printing operations, using custom-fixtured gantry conveyor systems, vision controllers and articulated robotic arms. The Xaar array allowed us the flexibility of writing our own software and building custom ink management systems that align with the customer’s requirement.”Visitors to PPMoV’s SGIA’08 booth in Atlanta saw Pad Print Machinery of Vermont printing high-quality images at 21-inches per second. While the currently available machines are strictly monochromatic, a full-color line is in development and expected for release in 2009.For more information about this other Pad Print Machinery of Vermont products, go online to is external), or call 802-362-0844.last_img

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