first_imgOn the other hand, in the past couple of years we have had the time and space to differentiate the tourist product, as well as to raise the quality, which must be the main focus. But despite the constant announcements, warnings and signals from the market, obviously our tourism sector has welcomed a cold shower with weaker bookings at this stage of the year. While it is not the time to panic, one should definitely listen to signals from the market and react in a timely manner. According to the Ministry of Tourism, there are currently more than 103 registered private and family accommodation facilities in Croatia, which puts the category of family accommodation and private renters in the largest share in Croatian tourism. The process of market self-regulation has already begun, and only this year it will show itself on the ground, where those who raised quality and supply will profit, while others will begin to loudly protest and blame everyone else, least of all themselves. Again, it’s all in the focus of the emotions, experiences and stories we tell. An experience that we promise to fulfill and a promise for an unforgettable, whatever that means for a certain target group, vacation and experiences. And the whole story has to revolve around an authentic and local experience, because that’s exactly what the main ingredient of tourism is. UNIQUE CREDIT LINE FOR PRIVATE RENTERS PRESENTED “The reason for the popularity of family accommodation is the greater opportunity for domestic, local and indigenous experience, which is something that today’s tourist is looking for. They want a local story and experience. Accommodation is no longer a priority, but a story they want to take with them as a main memory and share with friends”Notes Nimac Kalcina.  “The possibility of increasing the number of accommodation capacities has reached almost the maximum, especially due to limited infrastructure and a limited number of flights during the season. It is not possible to increase the number of tourists in double digits compared to last year, which would also be accompanied by such an increase in accommodation capacity. said Martina Nimac Kalcina, acting head of the HGK Family Accommodation Association, on the occasion of the new edition of the largest national gathering of private landlords, the Family Accommodation Forum (FOS) organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which will be held on March 29 and 30 at the Gripe Sports Center in Split.  The resurgence of tourism’s biggest competitors, such as Tunisia, Turkey and Greece, and the faltering economies of key emitting markets, Italy and Germany, has raised concerns among some private renters awaiting Easter bookings as the first big test this season. Also, we must understand that the motive for coming is not accommodation, but a tourist destination. That is why everyone, and especially the hosts in family accommodation, must start selling the destination, not the bed. If we interest the guest in the destination, only then comes the phase of finding accommodation, and if the host by promoting the destination on its channels hit the motives of arrival, it is logical that the guest will choose or at least first look at that accommodation as his first option. Find out more details about FOS in Split and the program HEREcenter_img RELATED NEWS: Nimac Kalcina emphasizes that this is why this edition of the Family Accommodation Forum is dedicated to ways to raise that quality, from luxurious private accommodation and interior design to investing in professional photography and serving a top-quality breakfast. Part of the forum will be dedicated to both ecological facilities and sustainable tourism. Various possibilities of enriching the offer for guests through connecting with adventure tourism will also be presented.  Whether we have succeeded will be shown by this and future tourist seasons, but one thing is for sure, the time of great growth of arrivals is behind us. This year, private and family accommodation facilities in Croatia will be on a special test. BOOKING.COM LAUNCHES BOOKINGSUITE APP STORE. GAME CHANGER IN THE TOURISM SECTOR SPLIT-DALMATIA COUNTY LAUNCHES A TENDER AIMING TO RAISE THE QUALITY OF THE TOURIST OFFER What would be a bad move is certainly a massive price drop. Nimac Kalcina also warns about this, pointing out that resorting to falling prices destroys the image of the entire destination, while there is also no room for price increases due to the recovery of competitive tourist markets. “Therefore, continuous investment in the quality of accommodation is our most important weapon in the fight against falling tourist demand. ” emphasizes Nimac Kalcina. Not quantity, but quality. last_img

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