first_imgAlso for the protection of a large number of plant and animal species, which have been researched and recorded. He added that the City has rejected many investors for the installation of wind farms on the Dinara, precisely for these reasons and the need to declare a Nature Park, which will ultimately be a greater benefit to the public than wind farms. The Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy, Tomislav Ćorić, pointed out that last year the first meeting was held with representatives of counties and local governments, who initiated the proclamation of the Dinara Nature Park and that the Ministry did some of its work, and the rest depends on these two counties. a unit of local self-government, on the territory of which the Dinara Nature Park would be located. It was explained that the nature park is a national category, that it is financed from the state budget, ie a public institution, that it is possible to use the forest, water, hunting in accordance with regulations and the like. The Mayor of Knin supported this project and stressed the need and importance of declaring the Dinara Nature Park, primarily due to the protection of the sources of the rivers Cetina and Krka, and the Krka canyon should have the greatest protection, because our great strength is in water especially in the future. Therefore, the Minister opened the discussion and invited all representatives of local self-government units to declare the acceptability of the initiative. In the discussion, the vast majority of representatives of local self-government units welcomed the idea and pointed out the reasons for acceptability, as well as some of their reasons for unacceptability. Photo: Visit Knin Namely, Last month, in the City Hall in Knin, a meeting was held regarding the activities and the procedure for declaring the Dinara Nature Park. The meeting was organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy at the initiative of the City of Knin, the Municipality of Kijevo and other neighboring municipalities. Photo: City of Knincenter_img Source: City of Knin / Photo: Visit Knin In Croatia, I currently have 11 Nature Parks and 8 National Parks. Therefore, according to the old legal basis, the Nature Park would extend from northern Knin, from Crvena Zemlja, to Trilj, through the territories of these municipalities and cities, continuously, and according to the attached map, it would extend to the Šibenik-Knin and Split-Split Dalmatian County. Possible obstacles to declaring the Park, such as wind farms / wind farms, have been identified. In Knin, another step forward has been made towards the proclamation of the Dinara Nature Park. At the end, the Minister presented the schedule of activities, from the preparation of the expert basis for the Dinara Nature Park, the geodetic basis, the necessary statements for the Croatian Parliament, publicization of proposals and e-consultation on the draft proposal would, if all local governments agree, the law could be passed next year at this time.last_img

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