20 October 2013Police are opening family violence investigations at a rate of more than 10 an hour, new figures suggest.But the data also showed the number of charges being laid was dropping.Figures released exclusively to the Sunday Star-Times by Police Minister Anne Tolley showed in the year ending June 30, police investigated 89,947 family violence cases – 3225 more than in 2011. Yet of those, only 39,716 investigations resulted in offences being recorded. This was down on the previous year’s figure of 40,024.A similar trend was also present in last year’s data, where investigations had increased but the number of charges laid had dropped.BY THE NUMBERSYear to June 30, 201389,947 family violence investigations carried out39,716 investigations resulted in one or more charges being laid.56,237 investigations where children (under 16 years) were reported as either present or normally in residence.113,511 children (under 16 years) recorded as being present or normally resident during those investigations.201186,722 family violence investigations carried out40,024 investigations resulted in one or more charges being laid2010 84,673 family violence investigations carried out42,108 investigations resulted in one or more charges being laid

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