first_imgI recently read an article in the Indianapolis Star about Andrew Luck of the Colts.  This summer Luck found a virtual reality program that allows him to place himself as the quarterback in an electronic football game.  It is called Strivr, and it allows Luck to place a headset on and set up any type of game situation he likes.As the quarterback, he is at the line of scrimmage.  The virtual program runs a play and Luck has to decide whether he will pass, handoff, or run himself.  He can practice alone and call any type of play he wishes.  The program was developed by a fellow Stanford University student.  Luck says that the game produces plays that actually resemble the pro game anywhere with 64-76% accuracy.  People who have used this system say they have upped their TD production by as much as 2 TD’s a game.last_img

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