first_imgMcGrath’s take:A day after the chocolate massacre that is St. Valentine’s Day, here we are trying to choose the worst couple in sports. There is a plethora of pairs not to take relationship advice from, such as Dennis Rodman-Carmen Electra, David Justice-Halle Berry and Joe DiMaggio-Marilyn Monroe.But history is in the making today, as the “don’t do as we do” duo of Terrell Owen and Drew Rosenhaus are probably the worst couple since Darth Vader and the Death Star, and that was a long, long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away).First off, in case you’re thinking you didn’t get the memo, don’t fret, the two have not officially announced their domestic partnership yet. Could it be more obvious, though? Rosenhaus lost Owens somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 millions dollars, while T.O cost Drew millions in commission. They must be in love. Why else would they still be together?Want more proof? T.O let Rosenhaus, speak for him at a press conference, WHILE OWENS WAS THERE. There is nothing on this planet that Owens loves more than talking — except money — and apparently like the unpleasant scent of a rental car just used by Jack McKeon (avid smoker), they are always hanging around. No matter how little Owens or Rosenhaus tries to do, the pair are still always in the news, usually for inane things like doing sit-ups in their front yard or talking about competing in a slam dunk contest, though I’d love to watch Rosenhaus attempt to throw down a reverse windmill.Could you imagine having these two over for dinner? They both would do nothing but talk about T.O. and nothing, and I mean nothing, is more annoying having to listen to T.O. propaganda. The problem is that they are always over for dinner and lunch and breakfast too, in the form of SportsCenter interviews and such.No couple is worse than T.O. and Rosenhaus, now or ever before.Schmoldt’s take:I’ll be honest, I haven’t spent as much time as I had hoped watching the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, but the story that I’ve heard every time that I have turned the Games on has been bad enough to make me just as sick as I was when I decided to walk down State Street on Valentine’s Day just last night.He is the “Flying Tomato” — a gold medal winner already and the red-headed high-flyer who has spent his fair share of time atop the X-Games podium.She is looking to reach the medal podium after a fourth-place finish in Salt Lake City four years ago, and thanks to Michelle Kwan’s injury, is finally becoming the biggest story in U.S. women’s figure skating.Apart, they are the subjects of two separate feel-good stories of young athletes achieving their dreams. Together … well, I don’t even really want to think about it. After the Flying Tomato Shaun White won a gold medal in the men’s snowboarding half pipe competition, he said he would use the award to swoon 21-year old Sasha Cohen.First and foremost, this ploy isn’t even original. Who does this high-jumping fruit think he is, Alberto Tomba? Tomba attempted to hook up with Katarina Witt at the 1988 Calgary Olympics. The skier brought flowers to the figure skater and it, I assume — I was only four years old at the time — was pretty touching.Nonetheless, White should have known his scheme had been attempted before, but he also should have realized it didn’t work. Let’s just say Witt didn’t fall head over heals.To top it all off, it’s pretty funny that White is going after a good-looking older girl. We all know that never works at this stage of the game. Besides, she’s too tall for him anyways.So please, let’s keep the Olympics separate from Valentine’s Day and the Flying Tomato away from the nicknameless Cohen, and everything will be fine.Go vote and let us know whose point you agree with.last_img

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