first_imgMonaco outside Europe: “I was pissed off a lot with the news. In the last game we played the best first part of the season and in the end we lost because of two details. I left that game very angry because it was not deserved, they came two or three times Today when we have seen the news we have thought about it. For nonsense, outside Europe. “Coronavirus risk: “If they make this decision it is because they believe it is the right thing to do. I think they will try, but they will not play again. In a Sports City, we are between players, staff and staff of 55 or 60 people. Barça or Madrid will have 150 people. It is impossible that in these weeks of competition there will not be someone infected. There are too many things that make me see that it is impossible to play again. I wish we could return, but it will be difficult. “ Cesc Messi and the year of Tata: “If Barcelona has won so many titles in recent years, it is partly thanks to Messi. With Tata Martino we made the best first lap in the history of LaLiga and Leo was injured. Tito, Abidal … They are a lot of things that touched the group. From inside it stayed there. Messi’s injuries, Chelsea’s penalty … “.Possible return of Neymar: “He is an outstanding player, with conditions at the level of Ronaldinho. He is a crack that makes the difference when he wants. In January we played with him twice in a few days and he only killed us. In his second and third year in the Barcelona was flying. No wonder Leo and Luis like to have him on the team, at any time he can attend, dribble, dribble. Neymar has everything to be the best. “Neymar person: “He is a very good boy. He is like a child who is always happy, he likes to enjoy life, he has a good time. The fact that whoever leaves Barça does not return … They are things of the club, each one has their own rules”.Why did you leave Barça?: “My departure from Barça began to take shape due to the match against Atlético de Madrid. I had won the starting position and we lost LaLiga. They annulled a goal for me out of play, when I didn’t participate in the play. If you win LaLiga there Anyway, everything would have changed, maybe I would have stayed. Soccer are small details. “Final against Santos: “Normally you don’t enjoy a final: tension, equality … It rarely happens and I enjoyed some at Barça.” It has everything to be the best Cesc Fábregas has had a chat with Míster Chip on the Instagram account of the AS collaborator. The Monaco footballer has given his opinion on the suspension of Ligue 1 and the decision of the competition on the champion and the teams that will play Europe. The midfielder has shown his rage, since he and his teammates lost the possibility of playing in the Europa League due to a defeat against Nice, created by a Dolberg goal in the 92nd minute. However, he believes that football should not return, since it is difficult for there to be no contagion between the squads in the remaining weeks of competition. The golden generation: “It was so nice that one day they have to do something collective with all of us who were in those victories in the championships. It could be nice in the future to get together to live another game against the Netherlands or Italy.”Consequences: “Then regrets will come. The first thing is health. 99% of the players want to play and that people come to see us, but if you stop to think about it …”. It is impossible that in these weeks of competition there will not be someone infected Cesc on Neymar Footballers are not immune: “The problem in France was bigger because a 23-year-old Montpellier boy has been in the ICU. If it happens to someone like that …”.Selection: “I would have been delighted as Silva and Andrés Iniesta to go any other way, speak to the mister in private and announce it; but I already spoke with the person who had to speak and it seemed to me that he would return, later for things that I don’t know, I did not return anymore They are trains that pass, moments that you have to take advantage of. I looked good to go with Conte, because I had a tremendous year, I had hopes but they did not call me and once I was 31 I saw that nothing, and with Luis Enrique I see it practically impossible. It was a shame. “last_img

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