first_imgDear Editor,Dr Brian O’Toole, principal and owner of School of the Nations, one of the best private secondary schools of this nation of ours, was shot by a rogue criminal several months ago and to date, no one was caught and charged for that heinous crime.That incident could have been fatal but providence has decreed otherwise!I have known Dr O’Toole and his benign family for several decades now, and have known of their unique and highly significant contributions they have so far contributed sacrificially to this nation in the field of primary, secondary and tertiary education and also employment. They have given also, in many cases, the opportunity for better tertiary education to many children who otherwise would have none, due to poverty!Many Guyanese children of all ethnic backgrounds have benefited from their unique unalloyed kindness, given with no strings attached, over the decades, to this nation’s children which Dr O’Toole and his kind and unselfish wife, Pam O’Toole, has given to this nation’s children so far.Pam O’Toole is also a teacher and a kind humanitarian to this nation!Their two kind and generous boys have also emulated their parents and have done their part of kindness too.Editor, not only me, but several thousand Guyanese of all strata of our society and of all the races here, are concerned for Dr O’Toole and his kind family’s safety in this nation.Their safety is also our concern and we all ask that the actors and architects of that heinous and near-fatal crime be brought before the courts to answer to that heinous crime.Not only is Dr O’Toole an educator but also, his unique life is one to be emulated by others. In all three counties of this nation, they are admired and are emulated for their unique brand of education.Finally, we ask respectfully that the actors and perpetrators of that heinous and almost fatal crime be brought to trial as justice is the best beloved of all things in the sight of God!Yours respectfully,Rooplall Dudhnathlast_img

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