first_imgSalman Khan has made Rs 170 crore from Dabangg – he is still counting – Rs 24 crore from Bigg Boss 4, and Rs 15 crore from the three endorsement deals he signed earlier this year. He is the hottest mainstream star in Bollywood at the moment.Salman insists he is more professional in his approach todayClick here to Enlarge And if some people, by his own admission, consider him “a total jerk” he is fine with it, because he knows there are others who “love me to death”. Decoding Salman would, of course, be more complex than just that.He chose to play it vague when asked to define the real Salman. “It depends on the person in front of me. When I have to react, I do so depending on the magnitude of what has happened. I don’t hold a grudge, except maybe for a second. Otherwise, I’m very good in my space,” he says in an interview to India Today.Gen-Now’s Bad Boy superstar insists he is more professional in his approach today. “Earlier, I would do films even when I knew they were bad because of many reasons – I needed to buy a house; some of those movies were being made by friends; or even to atone for a previous film having done badly. Now, I’ve learnt what to do and what not to,” he says.He would also have you believe that he has left his wild days behind and learnt from his mistakes. “A mistake, according to the definition of the word, is something that is not done deliberately. If you learn a lesson, it means you’re still growing. My mistakes have made me stronger and taught me the value of life and relationships,” he says.advertisementSalman says he is a director’s actor. “I obey what the director tells me to do and give it my 150 per cent.” If the focus right now is on the small screen clash – it’s his Bigg Boss 4 versus Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati 4 – Salman takes such comparisons in his stride. “When we launch movies, we space them out because ticket prices are steep. But on TV, you can watch us for free and enjoy all the shows simultaneously. So, where’s the competition? Mr Bachchan has a unique style, which he brought in last year, and now I have mine,” he says.The blockbuster Dabangg is special, but he is pragmatic about its success. “The movie could have gone either way. If it hadn’t worked, people would have said the seventies’ genre doesn’t click anymore,” he says, referring to the retro treatment director Abhinav Kashyap gave to the film.Salman says he doesn’t have a solid plan for the life after movies. “I could paint, farm or raise kids,” he says.So does that mean he is finally mulling marriage? “I’m not ready. Nevertheless, whenever I’ve been in a relationship, I have always wanted to get married. But I would get cold feet. I would panic if I started thinking about it too much,” he admits.Tongue firmly in cheek, he says he has been in a relationship with “all the people you know about”, and adds: “What’s the point in naming them? Everyone is happy, everyone is married.” Everyone? “Well, not Somy (Ali),” he admits. And what about Katrina Kaif? “She is still too young to get married,” he declares boyishly.You sense a bit of Salman will perhaps never grow up. We ask him about all those reports about him being scared of his father, writer Salim Khan. “It’s respect, actually. Even now when he calls on the phone, I stand up. I can’t form two straight sentences in front of him. I still stutter and stammer, I still forget (in front of him). But he’s a chilled-out person. We party and drink together when we are having fun,” he signs off.last_img

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