Nick Banatvala, Geneva based Senior Adviser at the WHO-Secretariat for the UN Interagency Taskforce on Non-communicable Diseases said that this is the first such mission to Sri Lanka.The visit takes the form of a series of meetings with the UN country team as well as with high level officials of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine and other Ministries that are stakeholders to NCD prevention and control. Discussions will also be held with Civil Society Organizations, NGOs, private sector and academic institutions who are working on NCD prevention and control. (Colombo Gazette) Sugar and salt consumption in Sri Lanka is at dangerous levels, a UN Taskforce said at talks with Sri Lankan food and beverage manufacturers and exporters at the Export Development Board (EDB) today.The UN Taskforce began working with the EDB to formulate national recommendations for the manufacturing and supply sectors. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) deaths due to NCD in Sri Lanka claims 75% of total annual deaths in the country. The four main NCDs being cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancers and diabetes. “Sri Lankan sugar consumption is at dangerous levels. Salt consumption is way higher. It is no surprise we see high Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) deaths in Sri Lanka and these numbers would increase if no actions are taken” UN Taskforce member Dr Thaksapol Thammarangsi warned.

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