The International Handball Tournament “Torrellano Cup”, after 27 editions, has become one of the international handball events with the richest tradition and one of the strongest and most crowded tournaments , not only in Spain, but in whole Europe. Tournament organized by Torrellano Handball Club and supported by City Council of Elche is worldwide known and recognized by the European Handball Federation and included in the annual project young referees of the International Federation (IHF).Handball guests from 50 countries and five continents witnessed atmosphere at “Torrellano Cup” for the first 27 edition. Exactly 126 teams played 425 matches with 2.055 participants in total last year 2015. Teams came from Algeria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, Norway, Romania, Russia, Poland and Portugal.Edition 2016 will be organized between July 13 and 17, 2016, and organizers are more than interested to welcome all international handball guests and show great hospitality.Tournament categories:• Pre-Benjamín U8• Benjamín. U10• Alevín. U12• Infantil. U14• Cadete. U16• Juvenil. U18• SeniorVenues:Torrellano, Elche and El Altet• Institución Ferial Alicantina (IFA) – 6 courts.• Polideportivo Municipal Isabel Fernández – 2 courts.• Campo de Futbol Pol. Isabel Fernández – 5 courts.• Colegio Público Antonio Machado – 2 courts.• Pabellón Polideportivo de El Altet – 1 court.• Pabellón de Carrús de Elche – 1 court.Confirmed countries so far to Torrellano Cup 2016:• Brazil• Portugal• Hungary• Russia• Bulgaria• France• Iceland• Spain• Norway• Algeria• Egypt• Croatia MORE / [email protected] ← Previous Story Brazil without Patrianova at Olympic Games in Rio! Next Story → Gdansk, Herning and Malmo keep the Olympic secret Torrellano Cup 2016

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