first_imgRut-roh, Raggy. I’m sure there are plenty of amusement park goers who would pay big bucks for the opportunity to go on an ride built on top of an ancient burial ground. After objects started flying around and construction workers saw what appeared to be a headless monk hanging around, the site of Thorpe Park’s new water slide, Storm Surge, was moved.The UK amusement park called in paranormal investigators, who traced the issues to the disturbance of an ancient burial ground. Turns out that Storm Surge was being built near the ruins of an old church traced back to the decidedly creepy year of 666 AD. Stone coffins have been found in the area–the park’s owners would have no doubt found even more, had they dug the 15 meter hole for the ride.AdChoices广告Says Jim Arnold of South West London Paranormal, We carry out these kinds of investigations quite regularly, with medium to weak results being reported on a weekly basis.Thorpe Park, however, was more striking as results were picked up immediately, with orbs, ghostly images in photography and ouija reaction results being strongest around the site where they were proposing to build Storm Surge. The results were so strong, we felt the only explanation could be that an ancient buriallast_img

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