first_imgOne of the slightly hidden features of Google+ is the ability to read EXIF data on an image that was uploaded to the service. Every photo has a “details” option, which reveals lots of information about it including the time it was shot, the camera settings, and the name of the device that took the image. Previously, it was found that photos taken with the highly anticipated LG Nexus handset have shown the codename “Mako” being used. Now two different photos from two different users were published and then removed from Google+ within hours, both containing the name “Nexus 4” instead of Mako.One photo was by a Google employee and the other was shot at an LG Learning Center, both by a the device named the Nexus 4. A likely reason for this change would be testing for the production builds of Android for these devices. The photos themselves don’t demonstrate anything special, though the pictures are both sharp and clear. The naming of the device lends some additional credence to the report that the Nexus 4 will be announced on October 29th, just after the iPad Mini and Windows 8.While it is certainly possible that the Nexus 4 name was falsified , it’s unlikely given the sources. Android does make it fairly easy to enter whatever you want as the device name and EXIF data is simple to edit, but considering how quickly the photos were pulled from both sources it seems like the smartphone truly will be called the Nexus 4. The Nexus devices haven’t followed any kind of logical numbering scheme, in fact this will be the first numbered Nexus phone since the Nexus One.Google Plus and Google Plus, via The Vergelast_img

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