first_imgAlthough Apple tries to make its mobile electronics sleeker and thinner with every new generation, they haven’t quite gotten to the point of being skinnier than a piece of pencil lead. So when Apple posted on its website that the iPad 4 was just 0.37 millimeters in thickness, it was just a matter of time before throngs of Internet users called the company out on its mistake.It is hard to even think of a product that slim; the average fingernail is nearly three times as thick. Obviously what should have been on the site is 0.37 inches, or around 9.4 millimeters. The mistake was discovered by a user on Reddit late last night, although the web page in question has been up for much longer than that.Not surprisingly, it was only a matter of hours after the mistake became viral before Apple updated the page. It’s ironic that Apple could make this change so quickly, but when ordered by a court to post an apology to Samsung, the company said it needed 14 days to update its website.Somehow the iPad seems really bulky now. Of course, electronic devices will never really be that slim — or will they? Perhaps some day Apple, or another company, will create a device so thin it actually feels like you’re holding a piece of paper. With flexible displays finally on their way to commercial products in the next year or so, it might not be so far-fetched.via Redditlast_img

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