first_imgIn the very near future, you may be able to run a whole bevy of Windows applications on your favorite Android device — thanks to the work of the Wine development team. Project lead Alexandre Julliard showed off his crew’s progress recently at the annual FOSDEM conference in Brussels.During his demonstration, Julliard’s used a Macbook running OS X to run Android in a virtual machine which was then used to run a Windows app using Wine. It’s not that firing up an Android-based HDMI stick PC on a projector would have been too direct a route to take. Wine doesn’t yet run on ARM-based processors, but that’s currently being addressed, too.Getting Wine to run on Android is only one part of the process. There aren’t a lot of Android devices on the market that run x86 processors, after all. Intel’s Medfield-based phones are some of the select few. Just about everything else out there runs an ARM chip, so it’s imperative that Wine be just as happy running on processors like Tegra, Snapdragon, and Exynos if the jump to Android is to have any significant impact.Julliard and his team have a long way to go before Wine on Android is ready for prime time. It’s still early days, and aspects like application support and general performance will still require loads of attention from the developers.Once Wine is ready, however, it will make a great addition to devices like the Android HDMI stick PCs that have exploded in popularity in recent months. It will also be important to temper your expectations. Wine is great at getting certain apps to run on Linux, and not so great with others. And if you’re planning on using Wine to fire up something like Photoshop or Microsoft Office on your Nexus 7 you’ll need to be prepared to deal with sluggishness and a UX that was never designed with touch interaction in mind.More at Phoronixlast_img

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