first_img There are a ton of licensed Pokemon items out there, and if you’re a fan you’ve probably got one or two of them lurking around your household. Have you ever seen a Pokemon portable USB phone charger, though? And if you have, have you ever seen one shaped like Pikachu where the plug goes is in its butt?That’s right, there’s a knockoff product from Chinese online retailer DH Gate called the “Pokémon Pikachu Portable USB phone charger with 1m USB charge cable.” That’s a mouthful but stay with me. It’s a plug that comes with a USB cord, but it’s shaped entirely like Pikachu! Weirdly enough, Pikachu’s ears slip off to reveal the prongs where you need to plug the item into the wall. You plug the USB adapter straight into Pikachu’s butt after that. As a result, it looks like you’ve shoved little Pikachu into a wall socket and left him to “charge” somehow as if he weren’t an electric mouse.View as: One Page Slides1/51. 2. 3. 4. 5. Obviously, it looks a little less off if you don’t have Pikachu plugged into the wall because it doesn’t seem like you’re abusing your little Pokemon by condemning him to time out at an electrical socket. How mean that would make you.If this looks like the kind of thing you want to have chilling in your wall socket or your power strip, you can pick one up from DH Gate for about $25.72. However, it looks like you might not be able to use this particular adapter in the United States, just looking at the prongs, as they probably wouldn’t match our wall sockets here. It’s still a cute little figure to have around if you want to show people how you can plug up a cord into Pikachu’s butt. That still makes for a funny visual effect. Finally, Ash Ketchum Is A Pokemon MasterMint-Condition Set of Pokemon Cards Sold For $107K Stay on targetlast_img

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