first_imgStay on target “By writer Jody Houser and new artist Jacob Edger, a never-before-told mission starring Moneypenny, friend of James Bond, former MI6 field agent, and bodyguard of M! On a ‘routine’ protection mission, Moneypenny discovers a complicated assassination plot that bears a startling resemblance to a terrorist attack from her childhood. Can she call upon her secret agent skills to stop the plot?”James Bomb’s Moneypenny has always been the backbone of our beloved James Bond. Now, she gets her very own one-shot from Dynamite, and it leaves you wanting more.JAMES BOND: MONEYPENNY(W): Jody Houser (A): Jacob Edgar (C): Dearbhla Kelly (L): Simon Bowland (CA): Tula LotayDynamite has given another side to James Bond as they expand the secret agent’s story to comic form. Moneypenny has been apart of these comics, but now she has a one-shot all her own. Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Faith) has teamed up with newcomer Jacob Edger to give us another inside look of Moneypenny. However, before we talk about the comic, we should talk about Moneypenny’s importance in the 007verse first.via DynamiteThe story of Moneypenny is shrouded in a little bit of mystery and a lot of intrigue. Moneypenny is a permanent fixture in the world of 007, and for excellent reason, she’s remarkable. She’s not only the friend of James Bond, but she’s his superior, a head of MI6, the secretary of M, Lieutenant in the Women’s Royal Naval Service AND former field agent. Moneypenny is also very trusted. She cleared for Top Secret levels and also Eyes Only, which is the tip top clearance that you can get.Some brilliant women have also played Moneypenny over the years. Lois Maxwell, Caroline Bliss, Samantha Bond and, recently, Naomi Harris have graced the name, Moneypenny, low-key flirted with Bond and given this private secretary a beautiful face to go along with the name. Until Skyfall, we weren’t given much information about Moneypenny besides the little things scattered here and there. The 2006 reboot of the series has given her a first name and some field agent work but ultimately sees her retirement from field work once Gareth Mallory takes over as M.Jody Houser continues Moneypenny’s legacy in her silent but deadly approach to writing the character. Moneypenny shines in her one-shot as more of an observer. Someone who only says a few words, but gets her point across in a way that stops you in your tracks and keeps you on your toes. Jody’s not only willing to write that type of character for Moneypenny, but to give her a simple yet influential backstory that illuminates her past into her present. Something about Jody’s Moneypenny keeps you holding on and wanting to get into her psyche to know her even more.via DynamiteJacob Edgar’s art captures both the retro styling of 1960’s Bond meeting the present look of the narratives now. The one thing that drew me in was Edger’s importance on the movements within his art. Since we’re dealing with spies, guns, ducking and dodging, he finds a way to portray that within the panels. He allows your eyes to move with the action as Moneypenny runs up the stairs, shoots a gun and more. Edger very much takes Jody’s silent but deadly approach to keeping Moneypenny as an observer. He focuses and displays those things that you should be looking at and paying attention to.Dearbhla Kelly colors teamed with Edgar’s art brings that retro type feel out in an even bigger way. It has the color palette of an old school Bond movie, but drawing your eyes to the important details, especially when the color seems to invert. Simon Bowland on letters rounds out this dynamic team. The script calls for some significant action and gunshots in this narrative and Simon allows you to feel it with his letters.via DynamiteJames Bond: Moneypenny makes you want to learn more about this secret agent. The two criticisms I have about the one-shot is that there needs to be more and it needs to be focused. I know that’s a tall order, but she’s been the quiet backbone of James Bond for so long. Her story requires a little bit more attention if you’re going to make an origin story plus things happening in present time. Moneypenny in the spotlight makes everything so much more and exhilarating and action-packed. Give us some more of it, and we’ll thank you. I hope that Dynamite dives in a little more with her story. Also, here’s to hoping a Q one-shot is in the works cause the James Bond nerd in me needs it. James Bond: Moneypenny is now available on Comixology and in print.8/30/17 Releases – In addition to James Bond: Moneypenny, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Sun Bakery: Fresh Collection TP (W, A, CA): Corey Lewis, Image ComicsBad Machinery, Volume 2: The Case of the Good Boy (W, A, C, CA): John Allison, Oni PressSpider-Gwen #23 (W): Jason Latour (A): Robbi Rodriguez, Marvel ComicsLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 last_img

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