first_imgThe Street Fighter and Tekken fighting game franchises have very different fans and very different play styles, but the developers of both titles have joined forces to produce Street Fighter X Tekken, announced last year and debuted at the Capcom Captivate event last week. Producers at Capcom, makers of Street Fighter, and Namco Bandai, makers of Tekken, unveiled a playable version of the upcoming game at the media event. They hope to release it sometime in 2012.The developers reportedly worked long and hard to make sure the game retained the features, moves, and look that’s created such broad appeal for both titles, without shying away from including new moves, stages, and techniques that will hopefully impress fighting game fans. For example, flagship characters Ryu (Street Fighter) and Nina (Tekken) will both see a whole array of new moves in the game.At the same time, the developers are clearly struggling with the issue of balance: in an interview with 1UP, the developers from Capcom and Namco both noted that Street Fighter characters will probably get the heavier treatment. They’ll see new moves and combos that weren’t in Street Fighter IV, partially to help the characters match up against the massive list of special moves and attacks that Tekken characters are well known for.At the same time, Tekken characters may have a ton of physical techniques and attacks, but they have very few ranged and projectile attacks. The game’s producers point out that they don’t want to take the heart and soul from any of the Street Fighter characters (like stripping Ryu of his Hadouken, which the developers say they won’t do) but they don’t want to add anything unrealistic to the Tekken characters at the same time. The current plan is to make projectile attacks cancellable somehow, like giving characters the ability to block them without taking damage.Additionally, there have been some changes in the design of the game. The backgrounds and characters borrow heavily from the Street Fighter IV graphic style, with a 2D playing field with 3D elements to its appearance, but all of the characters have been modified a bit to fit in. Tekken characters will get a more comic-book style appearance instead of their classic, Dead or Alive-style look, and Street Fighter characters will be tweaked to match.All of this comes after both Capcom and Namco’s respective Street Fighter and Tekken teams have promised not to interfere with the production of the crossover game. Everything from character designs to move lists are being left to the crossover team itself. The game is slated for a 2012 release on the PlayStation3, XBox 360, and PC.Read more at 1UPlast_img

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