first_imgIf you have an old NES system laying around, the image above is going to make your fingers itch to pick it up once again. Nicknamed “the elder side scroller,” the animation so faithfully renders the official Skyrim trailer into 8-bit form that you will be looking for a NES cartridge to blow into like the good old days. Complete with scratchy 8-bit audio, animation artist “RubberRoss” (RR) did an amazing job translating the content to what it may have looked like if Skyrim had been released in the 80’s.Called the ‘golden age of gaming’ by some critics, the time when the NES ruled the land brought such epic titles as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. and Metroid. In watching RR’s creation, it isn’t too much of a stretch to think that Skyrim would have been comfortable rubbing elbows with the likes of the aforementioned titles. The 8-bit trailer makes you wish there was a 8-bit version to play, spending hours reminiscing about childhood memories.RR (real name Ross O’Donovan) is an artist based in Perth, Australia. The tools he uses to create his animations are pretty standard. He does the animation in Flash 8, and uses a CINTIQ 12WX and a INTUOS 2 Wacom for drawing. You can check out his other work by going to his page on Newgrounds.The full 8-bit trailer has been included below, but we warn you that you will be sucked into it’s epicness, it’s that good.Read more at Geeks are Sexylast_img

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