first_img These Are the Games You Should Check Out in JuneTransform and Roll Out: An Interview The Crew 2’s Julien Charpentier Stay on target The Crew 2 is many things, but derivative isn’t one of them. Instead of being a car racing game like the original, the sequel offers players the chance to race in a wide variety of vehicles. This includes boats, planes, bicycles, and of course, cars. Freed from being a simple street racer, the game feels as vast as its enormous open world. It may lack a clear and distinct focus, but one can’t fault The Crew 2 for trying something new in the racing genre. Whether this makes the game fun is another matter entirely.You play as an up-and-coming racer who takes part in a national racing event. Successfully completing races gains you followers on social media, and this, in turn, unlocks more advanced races. The social media aspect is admittedly cheesy, but you can easily overlook that. As a player, your real focus is to have a good time driving different vehicles through varied terrain. The Crew 2 ditches any semblance of realism, which is definitely to the game’s benefit.AdChoices广告Each of the four Disciplines — Street, Offroad, Pro, and Freestyle — focuses on a specific vehicle type. These four Disciplines break down into 14 distinct styles. At the end of the day, you’ll either race cars, bikes, planes, or boats, but the variety within each sub-Discipline keeps things interesting. If you tire of street racing, you can jump inside of a monster truck and drive across the desert. If you don’t like being landlocked, you can take to the skies or hop on a boat. You’re never tied down to just one kind race type, which is great.You start off with a few basic vehicles. In the early parts of the game, these vehicles feel somewhat sluggish and it is a challenge to control them properly. As you complete races and challenges, you’ll earn enough money to buy new rides. The more expensive vehicles not only look better, they handle better. After obtaining some higher-performance rides, you’ll have a smoother racing experience. You just need to make it through the first few hours to amass enough cash and points to get your hands on superior automobiles.Completing races awards players with loot which they can use to upgrade their vehicles. Upgrades have an impact on how vehicles perform, but it’s nothing that makes a huge difference. In the beginning, I focused on getting additional parts to boost my stats. Hours later, I realized it was smarter to earn enough money and just buy a stronger vehicle. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t try to get better parts. But if you want to skip this aspect, it will not adversely affect you.If you come into The Crew 2 looking for a realistic racing experience you’re going to be sorely disappointed. This is very much an arcade racer. You’ll still need to navigate tricky turns and know when to slow down or speed up. But for the most part, you can hold down accelerate and just have a good time. To make things even crazier, the game world will sometimes twist itself Inception-style. Why? Who cares? It’s awesome. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it just helps magnify the insanity of races.Like the original, The Crew 2’s main draw is its massive open-world. Or rather, open-continent considering how players can race all across the United States. This isn’t a one-to-one scale replica of America, but it is an “authentic” representation of it. If you want, you can drive all the way from Los Angeles to New York City. During certain races, you’ll do exactly that. While the scale is certainly impressive, you may find yourself using the fast-travel feature after the initial awe dissipates. Driving back and forth from one city or town may be appealing to some, but I preferred fast-traveling to the events dotted across the map. Still, if you want to take the scenic route, you’re free to do so.Driving across the world gives one a greater appreciation for the work the developers put into the game. The Crew 2 isn’t the most graphically impressive title out there, but the sheer variety of terrain included is astonishing. Whether it’s densely packed cities, sprawling desert plains, expansive wheat fields, dense forests, or suburban towns, everything in the world is expertly realized. The environment takes on a whole new dimension if you decide to travel by boat or plane. Flying gives you a true sense of just how expansive the game is. I think it’s fair to say The Crew 2 has one of the most impressive open worlds out there. It really is a marvel to behold.Like any modern racing game, you can play with others online. At the time of this writing, you can only get together with friends and strangers to complete races or explore the world. Ubisoft promises additional online modes later this year. Unfortunately, if you’re playing The Crew 2 now, the online offerings aren’t exactly robust. Based on what I’ve played, online seems stable enough, and I didn’t experience any major issues. Personally, I didn’t see much of a point to play online. Perhaps with the addition of new modes, I’ll feel inclined to spend more time with multiplayer.While I applaud The Crew 2 for its variety, I can’t say it held my attention for long stretches of time. After the novelty of racing with so many different vehicles disappeared, I found it a rather straightforward racer. I don’t want to say the game is mundane or derivative, because it isn’t. But at the same time, there isn’t anything that made me want to sink endless hours into it. It’s hard to articulate what’s missing, but the game lacks something. This is also true for the first game. Obviously, I am only speaking for myself here. I’m sure there are many who will absolutely love The Crew 2 as is. It just couldn’t hold my attention for more than an hour at a time.Whatever type of racing game you’re into, you’ll find it in The Crew 2. It’s clear the devs put a good deal of work into this title. Few racers have this much terrain to explore with so many different types of vehicles. Though the game’s luster eventually fades, it’s still an above-average racer given the experience it provides. I’m curious to see what kind of improvements Ubisoft will implement in the coming months and years. Perhaps then The Crew 2 will fully live up to its potential.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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