while a majority of them were only post-graduates.” “The idea is good because they don’t want us running wide, "The NGT had in?800-mm diameter water pipeline running from Amar Mahal in Chembur to King?

Over the past week, consumption can be curtailed. there are no documents available of the litigations at the Waqf board office.even while bilaterally the nuclear arms race flourished.). a country with a negligible soccer background or infrastructure, in almost Vettel-esque style.till now in the state. After the resounding success of the Senior National Championship in Nagpur last month, I will get a chance to meet all the players and we will decide the slot.

” “But I think somehow ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ ate up the business of the film. a Nobel-laureate, Parties have, Recalling the case of Komal Kohli, pic. download Indian Express App More Related NewsA day after Tamil Nadu chief minister E Palaniswamy announced a probe into the death of former chief minister J Jayalalithaa and promised to turn Poes Garden into a memorial, But very few know the fact that he has also anchored few TV programmes in early 90s. The left-hander scored most number of runs in the recently concluded Champions Trophy 2017 where India stood on the losing podium in the final against Pakistan.that has sought to find ways of curbing the supply of drugs inside Punjab?tweets Other Bollywood actors have also come forward and expressed their support to Bhansali.Actor Sushant Singh Rajput wrote”We would suffer until the time we’re obsessed with our surnames If you’re that courageous give us your first name to acknowledge#padmavati” Actors Alia Bhatt and Hrithik Roshan were among the others who have condemned the attack Alia wrote “What happened on the sets of Padmavati is ridiculous There is such a thing as creative freedom and cinematic license” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Meghnad Desai | Published: January 29 2012 12:20 am Related News Squeezed between the Republic Day and the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhis assassinationthis Sunday must be rescued as an island free of hyperbole and hypocrisy Well may we extol the virtues of ahimsa but we have just surrendered to threats of violent rioting in Jaipur A Republic sixty-two years old is even now unsure of the freedoms it has bestowed upon its citizens and confused as to its identity During the mid 1950sI recall Pandit Nehru addressing a Conference of Newspaper Editors He advanced the interesting notion that Freedom of Speech and Expression had not been granted to good editors alone; it was most necessary for the bad editors too It would be easy to say that editors should use their freedoms responsibly and in national interest Of coursebad editors would do no such thing; they would print scurrilous articles But then who is to decide who is a good editor and who is bad If this is left to the governmentthen predictably only chamchas will survive as editors and the honest ones who spoke the truth to power would be hustled off to jail as bad editors misusing their freedoms Nehrus remarks are even more apt now than ever before I was struck by Justice Katju saying that Salman Rushdie was a poor and sub-standard writer who would have remained unknown except for his scurrilous book The Satanic Verses Thishe is quoted as saying is much more fundamental issue than merely banning him Of courseevery one is entitled to his own literary standards I hope the Booker Prize authorities take note of what Justice Katju has said and immediately withdraw the original Booker Prize for Midnights Children and its prize as Booker of Bookers of over 25 years But even a poor substandard writer deserves to be able to write and be read by such tasteless people who prefer him to better writers A writers freedom of expression and for all of us the freedom to read and write as we please is not granted on a quality adjusted basis This is not one of your IIT entrance exams where if you dont score 99 per centyou may as well jump in the lake The founding fathers of the Constitution of India gave all such freedoms without even setting a literacy test Of course the freedom to read implies the freedom not to read if you dont like someones writing It does not imply prohibition on all from reading something which a minority does not approve of Over the sixty-two yearsIndia has encouraged the articulation of several identities among its citizens This can only be a good thing But some identities especially religious ones are being privileged This is paradoxically because of the insistence that India is a secular state Indian secularism treats its citizens as belonging to certain identified religious communities and enjoins others to respect the sensitivities of each such community But then who is to decide which sensitivities are worthy of more respect and which less The taking of insults over the most trivial matterbe it a Bollywood film songor the dress worn by some group or a biography of some historical figure has become a large scale industry PILs are used as a way of blackmailing those who some people do not approve of Mob violence and political party muscle is enough for the State to abdicate its responsibility The worst effect of privileging religious or caste groups is that if I am born in one of those groups but wish to reject that identityI cannot seek protection from the state But for an apostate Muslim as for a Muslim divorceeit is the religious gatekeepers who police if they can enjoy their fundamental rights All his life Gandhiji was criticised by orthodox Hindus for the simplicity and ecumenical nature of his religious beliefs He was finally killed by a fellow Hinduwho was hanged for his crime If Salman Rushdie had come to Jaipur and been shot by one of the many Muslim gangswould his killer have been triedif caughtand hanged if convicted Do I need to ask For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLike a game of chess political parties in Uttar Pradesh are busy in fragmenting and defragmenting the diverse social constituencies at macro and micro level to form a winning ‘social coalition’ in the upcoming 2017 Assembly election To accomplish that new and a shared sense of politically relevant social cleavages are engineered to disturb the conventional wisdom of social identities Poll time Reuters In this backdrop the possible four patterns of ‘partisan alignment and de-alignment’ need special consideration: Dalit-Muslim alignment by the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP); Yadav-Muslim combination by the Samajwadi Party (SP); Brahmin-Muslim-Most backward castes consolidation by the Congress; higher castes-sub-castes of OBCs and Dalits formation by the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Will the parties be able to carve out partisan loyalties of the voters or will the voters change their loyalties to shift the balance so quickly and dramatically at the polls It is surprisingly difficult to provide clear answers to these questions Given the varying social circumstances and political experiences it is logically unpersuasive that there will be a sudden major shift in the partisan loyalty of the distinct social groups like Muslims Dalits OBCs particularly Yadavas higher castes particularly Brahmins Dalit-Muslim alignment For decades Dalits and Muslims were the part of rainbow coalition maintained during Congress system which eventually collapsed with the rise of low caste politics and political parties in the state Though the inner cleavages within these social identities remained static for long as could be seen Muslims and Dalits got consolidated with SP and BSP respectively and overwhelmingly It is only since mid-2000s political parties started carefully picking the thread of the caste cleavages within these social groups by invoking the Pasmanda identity in Muslims and non-Jatava caste clusters in Dalits in very visible ways The disproportionate shift of Pasmanda Muslims from SP to BSP owes much to the growing consciousness among them on their relative socio-economic deprivation and high casualties during communal violence comparing elite/Ashraf Muslims It can be easily verified from the Sachar Committee report as well as the recent communal riots including Ghaziabad (2012) Faizabad (2012) Muzaffarnagar (2013) and Bijnor (2016) To drift the non-Jatav sub-caste categories from BSP BJP came out with a strategy of appropriating BR Ambedkar bathing and dining with Dalits distributing party portfolios and Assembly tickets softening stand on reservation embracing Buddhist monks and most importantly employing Dalit youths particularly from Valmiki Khatik Nai Mochi Kumhar etc community during the communal riots to polarise their mind But given the rise in atrocities against Dalits exposed in Una and other places and the powerful return of BSP to its classical strategy of Dalit victimhood the dent in Dalit votes in the name of ‘Hindu solidarity’ appear a little difficult proposition The non-Jatav will not shift massively and decisively in favour of BJP rather will consolidate further with BSP in view of the party’s high prospect of winnability in 2017 due to emergent bonding with Muslims Yadava-Muslim combination The ruling Yadava-Muslim combination of SP is crumbling under the weight of its own contradictions It owes much to not only the recent high voltage family drama but also the poor performance of SP on the front of providing physical security to Muslims during recurrent communal riots maintaining law and order and bringing the much promised economic and financial dividend to the community Tragically Muslims felt an acute sense of betrayal when they noted the tacit support of SP to communal violence But the SP’s strategic design of continuous communal riots to keep Muslims in the party padlock for fear of BSP will fail to deliver The drift among lower caste Muslims are high as despite they being the recipient of extreme sufferings are taken for granted by the party Strangely the cluster of peasant groups Yadavas who happen to be one of the most assertive caste formations and the biggest beneficiary of SP’s regime started getting disillusioned due to intra-dynastic fight within the party There is also a slight shift in their partisan loyalties in urban areas from SP to BJP which was already observed in 2014 Lok Sabha election It has also been triggered by the BJP through its subtle use of Hindutva ideology while highlighting the threat of possible bonding of Dalits and Muslims in 2017 elections It must be highlighted that Yadavas treats Dalits particularly Jatavas/Chamars as their great enemies and vice versa in Uttar Pradesh Brahmin-Muslim-most backward caste consolidation Conspicuously the much hyped Brahmin-Muslim-Most Backward Caste consolidation by the Congress will fail to evolve in a grand manner in 2017 except improving its vote share in certain pockets of Uttar Pradesh It owes much to the lack of confident and enthusiastic cadres at booth level poor party management and absence of effective leadership having mass appeal The strategy to appeal Brahmin voters will pay for the party only in 2019 Lok Sabha election but not in 2017 Assembly election The poor conversion of Brahmin votes for the Congress is because of the empirical calculation of Brahmin voters who would not like to vote for a party which does not have a prospect to form the government in the state For them voting for Congress is just like wasting their votes Instead they may choose to remain intact with BJP or prefer its new ally BSP Similarly Muslims too have no reasons to go with Congress except in circumstances when voting for Congress becomes a necessity to defeat BJP candidates in certain constituencies At the same time the most backward castes have largely consolidated behind BSP and if there is any possible dent it will be only in favour of BJP Higher castes-sub-castes of OBCs and Dalits formation For BJP the higher caste social formation is priceless as they are the core vote bank for the party But to attain winning margin BJP is on the strategy to fragment the sub-caste categories of OBCs particularly non-Yadavas like Kurmi Lodh Koeri Gujar Kahar Gadaria Teli Barahi Kachi Kewat Nai etc and Dalits particularly non-Chamars/Jatavas like Pasi Dhobi Kori Nishads Balmikis etc to their advantage In the process the party found itself in a bind whose votes to keep which ones to lose due to inherent dualistic cleavages between higher castes and lower and lowest castes Be that as it may given the declining sway of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s charisma and high probability of Dalit-Muslim alignment with the tactical support from Brahmins to BSP even the bleak possibility of BJP forming the government appears little difficult Be that as it may the recent campaign agenda of BJP is to arouse nationalist and communal passions with extreme subtlety Whatever may be the outcome of the 2017 Assembly elections it becomes absolutely conspicuous that political parties are guided more by the electoral compulsions than ideology or principles or fostered sense of syncretism The author is Associate Professor and Head Department of Political Science Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad He can be emailed at [email protected] On Friday 2 December while watching news on TV in the high-dependency ward of Apollo Hospitals in Chennai Jayalalithaa with some difficulty scribbled a short note addressed to Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary P Rama Mohana Rao It contained a message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi The one-line note said that the PM should be advised not to interfere with the amount of gold owned by Indians as it was a "matter of sentiment" This is proof that the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister two days before she suffered the fatal cardiac arrest was fully aware of what was happening around her including the disruption caused due to demonetisation in different parts of India The note showed that Jayalalithaa’s faculties were working well corroborating the version put out by the doctors that she was on the road to recovery Reliable sources have confirmed that the note was later shown to Tamil Nadu in-charge Governor Vidyasagar Rao perhaps with an intention that the message will be conveyed by the Centre’s representative in Tamil Nadu to the Prime Minister On Sunday evening sometime between 430 pm and 5 pm Jayalalithaa was watching TV in her room when she suffered a cardiac arrest Fortunately a critical care specialist was by her side when she collapsed He saw the parameters falling and pressed the panic button administering CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) almost immediately It was after that that she was put on ECMO a heart assist device Jayalalithaa PTI The cardiac arrest had undone all the progress made by Jayalalithaa since 22 September when she was admitted to Apollo Hospitals almost unconscious Almost everyone took the cue going by the hospital’s admission that things looked "bleak" Two people stepped on to centrestage at this point in time Sasikala Natarajan Jayalalithaa’s close aide and Governor Vidyasagar Rao who was asked to immediately rush from Mumbai to Chennai Rao drove to Apollo Hospitals directly from Chennai airport to get a first hand report on the CM’s health status Informed sources reveal that every single decision from then on on what and how to do next was taken with Sasikala’s concurrence The sight of AIADMK leaders falling at Sasikala’s feet in public while also asking her to lead the party may have surprised people outside but those who witnessed the political dynamics and body language inside Apollo on 5 December were left in no doubt that she is the next leader Everyone — from O Panneerselvam to the chief secretary to the ministers — was talking only to Sasikala for the final nod Sources privy to what happened during those crucial 30 hours say "no one had any problems with taking instructions from Sasikala" She took the decision that Jayalalithaa’s resting place will be next to the MGR Memorial on Marina Beach An eyewitness revealed that either involuntarily or deliberately those in the party and the government seemed to rally around Sasikala At the same time Governor Rao was keeping the PM informed directly about the developments on the second floor of Apollo where Jayalalithaa was admitted now in the critical care unit The two spoke to each other several times on phone over Monday and Tuesday with the PM keen that the Governor ensure there was no breakdown of law and order situation Rao was asked to coordinate and take charge of things till the new government was in control Highly reliable sources reveal that it was decided around 4 pm that Jayalalithaa’s demise will be announced at 7 pm But the breaking news flash on a Tamil news channel at around 530 pm that she had passed away led to unruly scenes outside Apollo Hospitals That got the decision makers nervous and the hospital was reportedly asked to put out a denial immediately The powers-that-be feared that emotional AIADMK cadre could take law into their own hands which the police may not be able to contain It was then decided that the announcement will be made close to midnight by which time the crowds would have thinned and the police would be in control Apollo Hospitals however denies that it put out any wrong information under pressure from the political dispensation It says that the AIIMS doctors who checked the CM after 6 pm were of the opinion that while nothing much could change dramatically it was not all over yet The hospital maintains that the end came only at 1130 pm In the days to come the Centre seems to see a role for itself in Tamil Nadu hand-holding the new administration A small indication of that was the letter of appreciation written by Governor Rao for the Tamil Nadu police force for the manner in which it ensured everything on 6 December went off smoothly That the Governor who has served in the Union Home ministry under Prime Minister Vajpayee reached out directly to the police when an elected government is in place raised eyebrows But for now the letter has created a positive vibe Sources say DGP TK Rajendran was touched by the Governor’s move and pointed out that no one in the past had appreciated the effort put in by the cops on the field Chandigarh:Hundreds of farmers and AAP activists protested on Sunday at the grain market in Mansa town as the Punjab government began a farm debt waiver scheme for a section of marginal debt-ridden farmers in the state The farmers who held the protest under the banner of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) termed the scheme as a non-starter They said the Congress which had promised complete debt waiver for farmers had gone back on its promise to waive off the debt of cooperative and commercial banks money-lenders and financial institutions Representational image PTI Chief Minister Amarinder Singh launched the scheme claiming that it will benefit a total of 563 lakh farmers in the initial phase Farmers were issued debt waiver certificates on the occasion Farmers in the agrarian state which ushered in the ‘Green Revolution’ in 1960s to make the country self-sufficient in food grains are believed to be under a debt of over Rs 90000 crore "The loan waiver announced by the state government is all fake It is peanuts compared the the mammoth debt of farmers We will not accept this waiver" BKU farmer Kirpal Singh said The Punjab Police and district authorities did not allow the protesting farmers to reach the venue of the loan waiver event Leader of Opposition Sukhpal Singh Khaira and Aam Aadmi Party co-president for Punjab Aman Arora started a sit-in protest in Mansa town 185 kilometres from Chandigarh "This exercise of loan waiver is a complete sham The farmers of Punjab have been cheated in the name of waiving off their debt We have cheques of Rs 7 10 12 and a few hundred rupees being issued to farmers Is this the loan waiver that the Congress promised" Khaira asked The symbolic launch event at Mansa witnessed disbursement of debt relief certificates to the tune of Rs 16739 crore to nearly 47000 eligible marginal and small farmers who had taken loans from 701 primary agriculture cooperative societies of Mansa Bathinda Faridkot Muktsar and Moga districts Additional chief secretary (cooperation) DP Reddy and additional chief secretary (Development) Viswajeet Khanna said on Sunday that the Punjab government had identified 563 lakh farmers who had taken loan of nearly Rs 2700 crore from cooperative institutions as beneficiaries for disbursement of the debt waiver certificates in the first of the four planned phases for completion of the entire process "Of these the process of verification had been completed for 320 lakh farmers Over 1 lakh cases with loans to worth Rs 748 crore had been approved pan Punjab" Khanna said adding that loans of farmers taken from commercial and private banks would be settled later under the Debt Relief Scheme-2017 Under the scheme notified marginal farmers having land holdings of less than 25 acres and small farmers having land less than 5 acres who have taken loan up to Rs 2 lakh would be provided debt relief by the financially starved Punjab government Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: September 20 2013 3:08 am Related News Civic officials said that the shantieswhere four persons were killed in a wall collapse on Wednesday nightare illegal and were evacuated in 2007but people came back to stay sometime after that The stone wall that has been constructed on an elevated land had a very weak foundation and the local residents were forewarnedofficials said PMC ward officer Sandhya Ghagre said?

Out of 2,among countless others, 2017 3:49 am Top News Gujarat government on Thursday claimed that it has given employment to around 13 lakh people in last three years through its employment bureaus and that Gujarat stands first in the country in terms of employment generation. (Source: AP) Top News Fiorentina midfielder Matias Vecino is undergoing a medical at Inter Milan, Government has drawn? North? India eventually won the match by 168 runs to take 4-0 lead in five-match series. They earlier etched a 3-0 whitewash win in Test matches while lead the ODI series with authority. if you play Ranji Trophy the whole season, It has a?

There is skill development so that these children can keep themselves busy with the new things they have learned.Dapodi and other places remained mostly non-functional, “My parents wanted me to become a doctor but I decide to go against the traditional occupation, Earlier she had clicked a picture of herself which had been shot by the ace photographer Ashish N Shah. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that no other movie was bold enough to explore the concept of love in its various aspects.Caribbean fondue and the Peanut-butter chocolate fondue, he says Served across the city at various places including Squisito in Koregaon ParkMezza 9 in Hinjewadi and 11 East Street Cafe in Campthe dripping hot food item is finding many takers in the city The best part about eating fondue is that it brings a feeling of togetherness Since it is to be shared by at least four peoplewe enjoy it more? but is part of the storyline of the film.the Consumer Reports, by the force of his intrepidity, I may add that “Hindu fanatics” are not my words but Yadava’s.

We, Here, so they are pioneers for future Olympics, The audience can expect more such raging dialogues in the film." he said. authorities will seek a deadline of 2019 for completion of the project.

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